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Ceramic Coating Benefits in Vermont

Semi-Permanent Protection

Like having permanent wax on steroids covering your vehicle’s paint. Ceramic coating provides the ultimate protection against the harsh elements.

Self-Cleaning Effect

Watch bugs and other contaminants slide right off your vehicle’s paint with a simple maintenance wash with a ceramic coated vehicle.

UV Protection

Protect your vehicle from the sun’s harsh UV rays that can deteriorate your paint over time with a ceramic coating.

Super Enhanced Gloss

Keep your car looking fresh and ultra glossy with the high gloss properties of a ceramic coating.

Kamikaze Collection

Ceramic Coating Packages

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Ceramic Coating Collection

Miyabi Coat 2.0

1+ Year Ceramic Coating

Kamikaze Collection Miyabi Coat contains smaller molecules than the average ceramic coating, making it is less prone to water spotting. The high silica dioxide content provides durable protection and an amazingly clear, brilliant shine to any color paintwork.

ISM Coat 3.0

2+ Year Ceramic Coating

Kamikaze Collection ISM Coat 3.0 blends optically clear hydrocarbons with ceramic components to provide a clear, candy-gloss shine to automotive paintwork. Unlike many ceramic coatings, ISM is free from solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Zipang Coat 2.0

5+ Year Ceramic Coating

Zipang Coat 2.0 combines high quality, ingredients with Kamikaze Collection’s ultra-low molecular weight hydrocarbons to produce a ceramic coating with extreme water repelling properties. Furthermore, Zipang Coat has a self-levelling function activated by heat that helps keep paintwork swirl-free for longer.

Not Just For Paint

Ceramic coatings are no longer just made to protect your vehicle’s paint. Specialty ceramic products can be applied to exterior glass and your vehicles interior to add a layer of protection against the elements, spills, and other accidents that can happen inside a vehicle.

Interior Protection

Glass & Mirror Coating

Trim Restoration

Ceramic Coating Flawless Process

Prep & Decontaminate

Prep for any ceramic coating starts with the decontamination process to make sure your vehicle’s paint is free from any waxes, sealants, and contaminates that are embedded into your vehicle’s paint. This process starts with a deep cleanse wash. Next we detox the paint from iron that is stuck in your vehicles clear coat. The process is then followed by a clay bar service to bring the paint back to a smooth finish.

Inspect & Paint Correction

Once the vehicle has been fully decontaminated and dried the paint is then inspected for defects. After inspection our team begins the paint correction process by wet sanding, cutting, and polishing to bring the paint to the highest clarity and gloss as possible before applying the Kamikaze ceramic coating to your vehicle.

Apply Kamikaze Ceramic Coating

The vehicle goes through a full vehicle prep wipe down to remove and left over residue, and oil from the paint correction. A final inspection is performed before the ceramic coating install. Once the final inspection has been completed the installation process begins. Every coating is hand applied to all panels, glass, and trim to protect every inch of your vehicle.

Cure & Maintain

After the ceramic coating installation the vehicle goes through a 24 hour cure phase in our shop to insure the integrity of the ceramic coating. After this process the vehicle can be released but still hardens to the paint for the next 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks process we have our customer come back for the first maintenance wash with the ceramic coating.