Have you ever got done washing your ride but you still see areas that just won’t get clean and/or your vehicle’s paint feels rough to the touch in certain spots? Well it’s time for a clay bar treatment!

What is a clay bar treatment?

Using a specially designed automotive clay bar & lubricant you can remove nasty contaminations that bond and stick into the clear coat of your vehicle. By applying an automotive lubricant or detailing spray to small areas at a time to your car you can glide the clay across the surface of your paint which will lift most contaminants out of the clear coat. This can be a non-abrasive treatment that if done correctly will bring your ride back to a smooth finish to start your next process whether it be a paint correction, sealant, or wax.


Why should you have a clay bar treatment done?

A clay bar treatment is a must to bring that deep gloss and shine back to your ride. You are also at risk for potential marring and scratching to occur on the paint surface when you are polishing or waxing your vehicle. Some of these contaminants can dislodge during this process and can cause further damage to your vehicle’s paint.


How often do you need a clay bar treatment?

At Flawless Auto Detailing we recommend you have a clay bar treatment performed at least 2 times a year to keep your ride looking great all year round between your other exterior detailing services. However every car is different and the environment around the vehicle plays a large role in when this service needs to be done.

Now that you know what a clay bar treatment is and what it can do for your vehicle short and long-term all that’s left to do now is to book your next appointment with us today.

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